“High Abrasion Resistance Hose with PU Lining”

Universal Plastic Agency is considered as the most trusted name in flexible PVC hose pipes in India and around the world. It is most suited for suction and delivery of liquids/gases in varied applications. Universal Plastic Agency PVC Hoses are convenient, light weight and flexible compared to rubber hose.

Composition: Universal Plastic Agency PVC Hoses are made by adequate reinforcement secured by proper placement of hard spirals of rigid PVC in soft PVC wall that imparts strength and flexibility.

Recommended Maximum working temperature: 60/70°C

Key Features

  • PU Layer on inside surface for higher abrasion resistance
  • No Kinking, bulging or busting even in the most serious working conditions
  • Excellent resistance to high vacuum / pressure and external impact


  • Heavy Duty Suction and Delivery of highly abrasive materials such as sand, coal, stone, lime, mud, ready mix concrete.

Available sizes

  • 40 mm to 300 mm I.D.

Pressure at 30°C

  • Working Pressure 2.5kg/cm² to 8kg/cm²
  • Bursting Pressure 6kg/cm² to 25kg/cm²