Universal Plastic Agency group manufactures sheets of plastics namely HDPE, PP, HIPS and ABS for variety of applications at its highly efficient manufacturing plants located at Ahmadabad in Gujarat. Universal Plastic Agency products are renowned for its unmatched quality.

Universal Plastic Agency Plastic sheets are guaranteed for its performance.

Composition: Made from High Density Poly Ethylene plastics.

Key Features

Light weight, strong and durable
Good impact and high tensile strength
Better punchability
Flexible – can be rolled
Weldable – for excellent jointing

Also Available

PP, HIPS and ABS Sheets.


As card canes in textile industries, industrial containers, as cladding, and protective liners, storage tanks, identification and protection lining for gas pipelines.

Available Sizes

1 mm to 3.5 mm thickness, up to 1400 mm width